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I've decided to move my markdown file based system to GhostCMS

🍿 1 min read • November 9, 2020

Before today, I used a system of writing blog posts on notion/Glitch's editor and then worrying on how it looks. Then, I have to use this complicated to make sure the markdown is valid, make sure it works with the HTML, it's just annoying.

I was very tired of this stupid system because I should be more focused on blogging, not coding as yes I do love to code, but I also want to focus on blogging when blogging, not coding.

So I setup GhostCMS with 11ty. It was a bit of work changing the system (like updating "post.date" to "post.created_at" and "post.decription" to "post.exerpt" according to the Ghost API)

One thing that I had to deal with is hosting. Currently, I am using a Digital Ocean droplet to host the CMS. I choose Digital Ocean because all I had to do was click the "Create" button and I was setup and had a starter ghost blog in a few minutes with the default theme and everything.

Right now, I am writing this post on the GhostCMS editor, which is a lot easier and I don't have to worry about making sure my post looks good because Ghost already does that for me. Thanks Ghost!