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Updating my GitHub profile README

🍿 1 min read • November 21, 2020

My old README was really bad. It just just had languages I mainly used and a picture of my avatar. It was just really bad.

So, I made something called GitME, It's like 11ty, but for your GitHub readme. It can take data from a javascript file, and give it to a template engine like Nunjucks or EJS.

I wanted to add my latest commit, recent GitHub repos, recent projects (from a API), etc

So, I remade my GitHub README with actions and git. Basically, just takes the template file and runs it through a engine. Then it takes the compiled README and pushes it to the GitHub repo.

So after working with a few libraries and APIs, then I now have my beautiful README profile! Check it out at: https://github.com/aboutDavid

GitME repo: https://github.com/aboutDavid/GitME